week 1 self assessment

Week 1 Self-Assessment: NLN Competencies

Teaching is a complex activity that integrates the art and science of nursing and clinical practice into the teaching-learning process. Specifically, teaching involves a set of skills or competencies that are essential to facilitating student learning outcomes. In 2005 the NLN published eight core competencies of nurse educators which were updated in 2012. These competencies encompass the entirety of the nurse faculty role (teaching, research, and service) that can be developed through educational preparation, faculty orientation programs, and faculty development opportunities. It is important for nurse educators to ensure that they continuously evaluate their role as it relates to meeting these competencies to remain up-to-date while continuously striving to encompass the full role of the educator. Understanding these competencies will also better prepare your for successful mastery of the Certified Nurse Educator exam.

In this assignment, you will use the NLN Core Competencies of the Nurse Educator to create a preliminary, personalized, faculty development plan for yourself.

For each competency you will:

· Identify 3 goals that you have met throughout this program and your practicum

· Provide one specific example of how you met each goal

· Identify 3 additional goals you want to meet in this practicum course

· Provide a specific example of how you will plan to meet that goal

· Choose 4 competencies and accompanying goals that you want to improve upon in the future as an educator

· Identify ways in which you plan to meet those goals

· Include the estimated timeline for when the goal will be met

Requirements for this assignment include:

1. Address each of the required components and be specific

1. Here is a copy of the

NLN Core Competencies of Nurse Educators

1. 
Download NLN Core Competencies of Nurse Educators.

 You can utilize a table format to present your preliminary faculty development plan if you wish. Here is

a template

Download a template that maybe helpful.

1. Include references in APA format if you utilize additional resources.