Module 4, finding the evidence

Student Name________________

Write your topic and final PICO(T) question below:

My topic:__Health and wellbeing of nurses___________

My PICO(T) question: ____”In nurses working in specialized care units, how does the implementation of stress reduction and focused mental care techniques compared to everyday self-care practices affect their overall health and wellbeing outcomes over a period of one year?”____

My article:

1. Published within the last five years? Yes___ No___

2. Has a nurse author OR published in a nursing journal? Yes___ No___

3. Is it a single report of a quantitative research study? Yes___ No___

4. Is it a prospective study? Yes___ No___

5. Give an APA style reference of the article here:

______Diehl, E., Rieger, S., Letzel, S., Schablon, A., Nienhaus, A., & Dietz, P. (2021). Burdens, resources, health and wellbeing of nurses working in general and specialized palliative care in Germany – results of a nationwide cross-sectional survey study.
BMC Nursing,
20(162), 1-15.

In order to be acceptable, you must be able to say yes to the four questions above. Remember, your article cannot be a retrospective study, a mixed methods study, a qualitative study, a systematic review, a quality improvement article, or an evidence based practice article.