Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following criteria:

  • Slide 1: Title Page.
  • Slide 2: SBIRT overview – Describe the history of SBIRT, the SBIRT process and how it is used in clinical practice settings using US research articles.
  • Slide 3:  Case Presentation – Do not include patient identifying information but include demographics i.e. age, gender, race/ethnicity, chief complaint, social history, family psychiatric history, psychiatric history, and risk factors.
  • Slide 4:  Screening Tool used – Describe the screening tool, validity (sensitivity and specificity), scoring information, and citation.  Your patient’s score and the interpretation of the patient’s score are required.
  • Slide 5:  Brief Intervention – How was the Motivational Interviewing process applied and shared your client’s score and need for behavioral changes? Discuss the four stages of motivational interviewing and provide details of how the techniques were used.  A transcript of your encounter with the patient conducting the OARS technique is expected.  Discuss the roadblocks used or those avoided to obtain full points. Discuss the patient’s stage of change before the intervention was performed
  • Slide 6:  Referral for Treatment – Describe 3 referrals for follow-up treatment plan.  Include the name, address, and telephone number of the local large organization.  Be specific with the department where necessary.
  • Slide 7:  Evaluation of the process – Share the patient’s outcome and your evaluation of the SBIRT process.
  • Slide 8:  References –5 references.  7th Edition APA format.  Include Screening Tool authors.