Nursing chpt 8 assignment

Change in an Organization

This chapter involves change and the response to change in an  organization. If you feel uncomfortable already you probably are in the  majority. Let’s read the scenario below and try to understand why change  is so difficult. 

Scenario: Imagine the days before COVID when we were  all in a classroom. Do you remember back then? Well, think about where  you decided to sit in a classroom. Did you find that you usually chose  the same seat in most of the classrooms that you were in? If not, then  what usually made you choose the seat that you decided to sit in? Now if  you were to sit in a seat in the first class, how likely were you to  sit in the same seat after that? Have I made a point? So change is hard,  and we all have gone through some kind of change, small or large, in  our lives at school, at our workplace, and at home.


  1. Read the information above and then answer the following questions: 
    1. Describe what the circumstances were at your workplace when you had to change something
    2. How did you adjust to the change?
    3. Were there colleagues that could not adjust to the change?
    4. Why do you think, in terms of change theory, that there were colleagues that could not adjust?
  2. Your should be: 
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