discussion #2

Organizational, Interpersonal, and Group Communication Page 484

You  are the nursing supervisor of an assisted living facility (ALF).  Recently you have received multiple complaints from several residents  about the lack of assistance and care they receive from one of the day  shift nursing assistants (NAs). You are surprised because this NA  received the “Employee of Year” award just last year. As the nursing  supervisor, you must approach and discuss these complaints with the NA.

 Question #1

Nonverbal communication is very powerful.

a) Identify at least four types of nonverbal communication.

b) Describe how your nonverbal behavior should be congruent with your verbal communication in this scenario.

 Question #2

a) Explain how you will communicate effectively with the NA who is a different gender than yourself.


  1. Initial post: Respond  to the discussion questions posted in Discussion board by Monday  (11:59pm)  must be at least 150 to 200 words in length to earn credit  for the assignment
  2. Peer response: Each Student must respond to at least (2) other students‘ INITIAL post (must be at least 100 words in length by Wednesday (11:59pm) to earn credit for the assignment
  3. The initial and response posts must  each have a minimum of two (2) outside references (i.e., textbook,  medical/nursing resources, etc.) to earn credit for assignment
  4. Cite your references APA 7th