A CM Tech You Would Want to Work For

In completing your reading for the week you read through a great interview in Chapter 8 titled “An Interview with a CEO You Might Want to Work For.”  It provides great insight into the kind of leadership and strategy that would create a recipe for success.  Intrigued by the interview, you share it with Emma.  Like you, she finds it interesting  and asks you to write your own version of the interview.  Choose four of the questions asked by Cokins in the interview then write your own answers as though you were the CEO of CM Tech.  

Your interview paper should include the following key elements: 

  1. Provide an introduction to your interview that explains the purpose of the interview (what value can you get from thinking through these questions). 
  2. Choose a minimum of four questions used in the interview in the text.  You may add more of your own if you choose.  Be sure to include the question(s) in your paper.
  3. Provide answers to each of the questions as though you were in the role of the CEO of CM Tech.  Support your answers with reasoning and examples or experiences.
  4. Provide a conclusion to your interview that summarizes the key points.

Your report should outline the key concepts in each area listed above and provide complete examples as appropriate.  Be sure your report is a minimum of 4 pages, includes an introduction and conclusion paragraph, title page, and references page.  The title and references pages do not count toward the total page count.  

The report should be formatted in APA style and be supported by a minimum of one scholarly reference. Since CM Tech is a fictitious company, you may use great liberty in this assignment in creating or imagining the details needed in order to write your report.