Wk 2, HCS 341: DR 1

Read and respond to your classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. 

APA format

175 word minimum

At least 1 reference


Lakeisha Conaway

8:57 PM 

It is very important that the hiring manager follow specific strategies because one it will ensure transparency. Following the recruitment process and informing candidates on the status of their application will make sure that the process will be a successful one. Consistency is another which I find very important. Anything that is not consistent will give inconsistent results. To avoid inconsistent outcomes a standardized process should be followed. Organizations will be more beneficial and will eliminate discrimination, this is another reason why it is improving follow through with the process. Discrimination is easily spotted through certain organizations. Preventing this will help the candidates trust the company and management and help them feel comfortable. The strategy I believe I the most effective is consistency. Consistency is one of the strongest abilities a person should have especially in management.