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Melissa Nelson

8:25 AM

Organizational ethics is what creates the rule book or guidelines used in medical offices. I was the safety officer at one of our facilities and we had 13 county binders of these rules. Whenever protocol was breached the binder came out. These regulations were put in place to keep the client and all abiding staff safe. Even when these ethics are in place you cannot make an individual follow them. As the safety officer it was my job to hold meetings and go over what was morally and ethically acceptable in the eyes of the county. We would do an open floor discussion and I would take the minutes. We would then follow up the with the head safety officer to go over feedback and situations. Even though Organizational ethics tend to be effective in health care if you are not on the line you really do not know. We conducted these meetings because the standards were coming from the main office. They were not at our live-in site with 105 residents of level 2 and 3 clients. Communication is especially important in organizational ethics especially if it is going to be a standard county regulation.