What good is accounting anyway?

Chapter 20 in our reading this week shares stories about a ship navigator then compares it to a managerial accountant providing accounting data to steer an organization.  The story is quite sad as the ship crashes and so does the company.  Complete the reading for the week, taking note of the important role or accountants and accounting data in organizations.  Over coffee one morning Emma asks you what role you think the accounting department at CM Tech can have in performance management and what risks there are in relying on accounting data to guide CM Tech decisions.  

  • In your initial discussion post share with your classmates what you think the accounting department can do to support and guide performance management at CM Tech and what risks are inherent in relying on accounting data.  In your responses to your peers expand on your agreement or disagreement their assessment of accounting’s role and the risks it poses.
  • Support your initial post with at least one scholarly reference.