Begin by selecting a contemporary safety issue for today’s first responders. Research a specific Emergency Support Function (ESF), and locate an article from the library that focuses on the protection of first responders or receivers who support your chosen ESF. Your article should have been published within the last decade; be peer-reviewed; and be published in a credible, academic journal. 

Address the components listed below in your critique. 

  • Discuss the specific ESF. 
  • Describe how this function is focused on the protection of the first responders or receivers. · 
  • Identify any practices or policies related to first responder safety, the role(s) of the safety officer, or first responder occupational health.    
  • Explain how this article shows consideration and evidence of how the protection of first responders or receivers within a community or workplace can be strengthened. 

For example, if you were to choose firefighting as your ESF, you might conduct a search in the CSU Online Library by using key terms such as firefighter safety. As a result, the article below may be produced. Although you cannot use the following article for your critique, the resource merely works as an example to represent the type of article that would be appropriate for this assignment. Notice that the article is current and has been published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Campbell, M. J., Dennison, P. E., & Butler, B. W. (2017). Safe separation distance score: a new metric for evaluating wildland firefighter safety zones using lidar.  International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 31(7), 1448–1466.