Week 6 HR

Week 6- The Issue of Acess and Cultural Relevency

Thanks to your discussion on the importance of certain outcomes of Outdoor Ed in your respective communities, I want to shift the discussion onto the barriers preventing communities from reaching these resources, opportunities, and outcomes. 

Please listen and take notes on the following podcast from 1A- NPR titled ‘Nurturing A Bond Between Black People and Nature’ then answer the below questions in our discussion section. 

https://the1a.org/shows/2017-12-18/get-out-nurturing-a-bond-between-black-people-and-nature (Links to an external site.)

1- Why is inequitable access to public lands a problem

2- Identify and explain at least three barriers to access outdoor spaces? These can be barriers addressed in the recording or ones that were not addressed. 

3- Propose a solution to some of these barriers.

As always feel free to leave additional questions for your classmates in your response. Continued discussions are always welcome. Remember to maintain an open mind, assume best intentions and be respectful as you enter into a dialogue.

Additional readings and resources

Whitewashing in the Outdoors
https://www.dbpmagazineonline.com/2016/12/11/whitewashingoutdooradventure/ (Links to an external site.)

A Critical Exploration of Women’s Gendered Experiences in Outdoor Leadership