Managers Can Lead Career Development


“Karla, two members of your staff came to see me and share a few areas of concern this morning,” explained Alley when she and Karla met in a conference room.

“I wish they had come to me first,” Karla said impatiently. “What were their issues?”

“Well, to be honest, they do not feel you are really committed to their development and that you lack concern for them.”

“Alley, I say yes to 90% of development requests from training, to tuition assistance, to conferences and even out-of-branch rotations. I go out of my way to develop my people.”

“I know, Karla! You have a great record on paper.”

“What do you mean? Where else do I need to have a great record? Isn’t what can be measured what is important?”

“Karla, I think the challenge you are facing is difficulty in projecting genuine and individual concern for them. I am convinced, you do all you can, but they do not seem to feel your concern, and that is where it really counts.”

“What can I do to change that, Alley? I care about my employees. I really do! How can I show them that?”


  • What could be the barrier or barriers that exist between Karla and her direct reports?