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Consider that you are a large organization and you are preparing to move your business from New Jersey to Arizona in 12 months.   Your business has 2500 employees.  Some will lose their job, some will retire and some will move with the company.   You have 12 months to prepare for this organizational change.  

2.  Your job is to recommend to management the model that they should use over the coming year to best manage this change.  So, I ask that you prepare a 12- 15 page presentation (PowerPoint) comparing and contrasting the nine models with the end goal to select one that best fits this organizational situation.  In addition, include a title page and a reference page, APA format.   Each of the 12 – 15 pages should include notes with at least 150 – 200 words each on the notes section at the bottom of each slide.   The notes reflect comments that you will use for yourself when you present to management that back up your bulleted slides.   The PowerPoint slides that management will see will be a summary that you will talk to during the presentation. 

3.  The first half of your presentation will include the discussion of the nine models, and in the second half of your presentation, select the change model that you think is most appropriate for this process of getting your employees on board with the upcoming move.  Discuss the phases of the model you select and explain why it is most appropriate.   Use several slides to explain the steps this company should take using the recommended model and why they are important for success.   Move through the 12 month process.

(9 models)

1.  Lewin

2.  Bullock and Batten

3.  Kotter

4.  Bechard and Harris

5.  Nadler and Tushman

6.  William Bridges

7.  Carnall

8.  Senge

9.  Stacey and Shaw