HR assignment 8


Managing Risk

The gear revolution minimized many barriers of access to the Backcountry but did not eliminate the inherent risks involved in stepping outside. 

This week we will explore risk matrices from Rick Curtis. Rick Curtis is a US Outdoor professional with Princeton University and a leading author and contributor to many fields of study within Outdoor Education. His Risk Assessment Safety Management (RASM) model provides an in-depth, collegiate level introduction and explanation of the phenomena of RISK and his model of identifying and interacting with RISK. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) 

After you complete the reading and watching the clip, browse through the National Park Services list of ‘TEN ESSENTIALS’. (Links to an external site.) 

The Ten Essentials represent the minimum equipment you should bring with you when you venture into the back country.

After connecting the Ten Essentials to RASM please answer the following questions in the discussion section of CANVAS under ‘Week 9- Managing Risk’ 

1- Explain Safety Factors.
2- What is Bailing out?
3- Explain the advantages of the RASM model.
4- Explain the disadvantages of the RASM model.
5- Explain why the TEN ESSENTIALS are so important and how they fit into RASM.