Respond to the posts of at least two other learners. Compare your thoughts on designing a social media policy. Provide constructive feedback to your peers for improving their analyses.

What are the key considerations in designing a social media policy?

Some key considerations that should be taken into account when designing a social media policy are; what time goal of the policy is, what other policies are already in place, and what are the applicable legal regulations.  

What are the primary challenges and risks when formalizing a social media policy?

For my current organization, one of the primary challenges is that we are public employees.  “A public employee may not be fired or disciplined for engaging in “constitutionally protected” speech” (Johnson, 2019).  Another challenge that an organization faces when formalizing a social media policy is making sure the policy is clear and specific but doesn’t limit an employee’s right talk about conditions of employment.  

Who should be involved in the design and review of the final policy?

“Successful policy creation and/ or modification result from a collaborative, team effort. If records and information management personnel are developing the policy, they should elicit input into policy development from other stakeholder groups, including, but not limited to, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, and Marketing” (Keys for developing a social media policy, 2013).  In my organization, I would also add union leadership to the table as well.