Contract Law Case Analysis

If you are having trouble finding a case that interests you this week, you may use the following: 

After you have reviewed the case (this includes searching for other resources), you will prepare a case analysis in which you address the following in 2-3 pages (not including a reference page):  


  • What is the name of the case? 
  • What are the facts in the case? Provide a brief summary in 2-3 paragraphs


  • What is the legal conflict / issue(s) that is presented?  This should be presented as The issue in this is case was whether…
  • What is the relevant legislation surrounding this dispute/case?  In other words, what were the significant cases that helped the court rule in the manner it did? What law did it rely on from statute or cases?


  • Has the dispute been resolved or a court decision made? 
    • If yes, what was the legal outcome?  
      • Do you agree/disagree with outcome?
    • If not, what do you think will likely be the outcome? Why? 
      • Do you agree/disagree with the likely outcome?