assignment 9/16


Students are tasked to write 3 Research Briefs relating to the “WASTE MANAGEMENT ( RECYCLING OR REUSING OF SCRAP IN AN ORGANIZATION/ AN INDUSTRY)”.

Select three primary, scholarly, peer-reviewed sources for the research briefs. These include final research reports, thesis, dissertations, etc. A summary or secondary article will not suffice, it must be three primary sources. A primary source usually has a methodology section or describes the methodology in the article.


Write 3 Research Briefs. Each research brief needs to be at least 2 pages long. The total number of pages submitted needs to be at least 6 pages.

Address the following points:

– Title of the research

– purpose of the study

– methodology

– results and data analysis

– Citation of document

***Give your thoughts and opinions, including the strengths and weaknesses that you found. Describe how this article fits in with your research topic and problem statement. Summarizing what is written in the article will not suffice.