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Assume you are the local emergency manager for your community. You have conducted a risk analysis and identified a hazard that presents an imminent threat to your community.

Draft a proposal of an emergency operations plan for your mayor or commissioners that covers preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery for the identified hazard. Your plan should include, at a minimum, the following information:

  • an overview of the hazard and your analysis of the threat;
  • the sequence of events, resources, and any participants that you and the planning committee would include in the emergency operations plan;
  • how to share this plan with city/county officials, response organizations, and the public and if there be opportunity for feedback;
  • the identification of specific roles in the plan; and
  • whose buy-in and support you need to ensure the effectiveness of the plan and how you propose to secure it.

You should ensure your plan presents a clear argument based on your analysis of the situation. You should use a minimum of five sources of evidence to support your analysis and plan. These sources may include applicable federal, state, or local laws, as well as research or other sources relevant to your analysis and plan.

Your proposal should be a minimum of three pages, not including your title and reference pages. All sources used must be properly cited. Your proposal, including all references, should be formatted in APA style.