Assume that you have been asked to prepare a visual presentation for the recruitment panel for the position of chief resilience officer in your community. 

First, you will want to locate and review your community’s hazard mitigation plan. If your local jurisdiction does not have a hazard mitigation plan published online, utilize the county-level or parish-level plan, or use the hazard mitigation plan of a nearby jurisdiction. 

Next, create a PowerPoint presentation that shares key points of your evaluation of your community’s hazard mitigation plan. You are not limited to any particular approach but you might (a) compare the local plan to the checklist in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) hazard mitigation plan review guide, (b) choose a couple of the elements in the review guide checklist for an in-depth evaluation, (c) evaluate the hazard mitigation plan against best practices or the course textbook, or (d) focus on priority hazard mitigation actions that you would take if you are appointed as the chief resilience officer. 

Your presentation must include an assessment of the plan’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Support your presentation with one academic reference. 

Your PowerPoint presentation should include speaker notes to support the key concepts on each of the visuals. Include a minimum of three visuals in your presentation. The speaker notes area is where most of the text should exist, and the visual area is where you should provide photos, graphs, screenshots, and other visually interesting information to keep the panel’s attention. Ensure the notes on the title slide will provide a few sentences to frame your approach. 

Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of eight slides in length, not counting the title or reference slides. The presentation must follow APA format.