5 PAGES – APA EXPERT ONLY – Human Resources – No Extension

For this Capstone assignment, you will identify 5 HR best practices that will ensure strong staffing and better-quality of applicants drawn to the company.  

******Heading for each section required, and for each question. Please be sure to hit all points especially in question 5 (Be sure there are 5 Critical Elements)********

This professor will send the work back for edits if not completed properly, be sure to explain things throughly!!!

Develop an HR Best Practices Audit that addresses the following operations of an organization:

  • Identify 5 critical elements that should be taken into consideration during the recruitment process and explain why taking these critical elements in consideration is important and how will they benefit the organization.
  • Propose an effective recruitment process that will attract the best talent to the organization. Present and explain each step you will use.
  • Create a checklist of areas to consider in your recruitment process.

Your paper should meet the following requirements: