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Discussion 5

I believe customers are essential to keep businesses open. Customers are the driving force of organizations. I remember the old saying that business adopted, “the customer is always right.” This statement alone is one that would promote customer service to organizations. It is imperative for businesses to take into consideration customers’ input regarding their experience with the business and or employees. Customer service can be defined as the customer approval of their experience and satisfaction (Gegeckaite, 2011).  It is important for organizations to develop a strategic plan to envision how they will address issues as they arise and to envision how to improve customer satisfaction while maintaining job productivity from employees. Having a plan ahead of time can resort to being prepared, rather than being set back. As I previously mentioned, customers are essential. Customers are the reason as to how some businesses are still operating today. Without the customer where would businesses be today, is a question to ponder on.

One strategy to consider when working to improve external customer service is conducting an evaluation of the organization (Gegeckaite, 2011). Evaluating the organization can inform leaders of where the business stands overall. Additionally, businesses need to develop a strategic plan for their organization to improve external customer service. Strategic planning can be defined as a “set of concepts, procedures, and tools designed to help executives, managers, and others to think, act, and learn  strategically on behalf of their organizations and their organization’s stakeholders (Bryson, 2011).” Once the strategic plan is developed, as a leader, it will be important to communicate the strategic plan to employees. This step is significant as the employees need to ensure that they are on the same page, and all have the same information to present to customers. Additionally, it is imperative as leaders to remain abreast of their competition with other organizations. It is important for organizations to be mindful of what they bring to the table as well as what their competitors offer. Running specials to save customers money is a factor to consider. Customers love a sale or a deal. Customers love to feel as though they are getting a lot for their money. As can be seen, there are a variety of strategies that can be utilized to improve external customer service, however, it will be based upon the leader, as well as the mission and vision of the organization. If an organization is not customer-driven, then it may or may not take into consideration their customer feelings or experience.

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Discussion 5

Topic:  Discuss strategies for improving services for external customers in your organization.

            Strategic planning aids leaders in formulating strategies and plans to address issues within the organizations, including how to maximize profits by improving customer service. According to Bryson and Alston (2011), strategic planning is defined as a set of concepts, procedures, tools, and practices designed to help an organization’s (collaboration’s or community’s) leaders, managers, planners, staff, and other stakeholders to think, act, and learn strategically. Studies demonstrate that 70% has lost customers due to customer service (Eger & Micik, 2015).

          Effective communication is vital in any business. Eger and Micik (2015) explained that effective communication can result in increased sales, profit, and customer’s satisfaction within the organization. However, this can only be achieved through employees receiving adequate training. I work in a local mental health agency and I believe effective communication can definitely aid our business in maximizing its’ profits. I’ve always stated that there is a large gap between the needs of our consumers and upper management. I feel that if upper management would ask our (counselors that work directly with clients) views on how the business can be improved, we can inform them of our client’s desires and derive a solution on how the company can be lucrative while benefitting employees and increasing services for our consumers.

          An organization must have strategies formulated to assist in determining productive future, within the organization. “Strategy may be thought of as a pattern of purposes, policies, programs, projects, actions, decisions, or resource allocations that defines what an organization (or other entity) is, what it does, and why it does it” (Bryson & Alston, 2011). The development of an effective strategy can assist a company in ensuring long-term profits and the maximum growth of the company. This tactic is beneficial as it aids the business in sustaining growth, building a sturdy financial foundation, and preparing for challenges that may lie ahead. However, in order to secure this success a strategic plan must be developed and implemented.

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