What was the author’s purpose for writing the article? 

Search for an article written by an author who works within your chosen career field by:

  • Accessing the University Library and searching by subject
  • Using another tool of your choice

As you review the article you select, consider not only what is written,  but how it is written. Make observations about the writing style and  prepare to share those details with the class.


Discuss the elements of rhetorical situation by responding to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Which article did you select?
  • What was the author’s purpose for writing the article?
  • Who was the author’s target audience?
  • How might you describe the writer’s general tone of voice?
  • How does this author establish their credibility in this field?
  • Is this a credible source? How can you tell?
  • What other details about how the article was written stood out to you as important?

Include a reference list at the end of your post that credits the piece you read. Use a citation generator, such as the Reference & Citation Generator  in the Center for Writing Excellence, to cite the article in your  response. Format your in-text citations (e.g., Adams, 2016, p. 23) and  reference list (i.e., list of resources at the end of the document)  using APA format. Consult the References page on the APA Style website for assistance.