This is a compare and contrast assignment. Select any two texts we have read throughout the semester for this comparative paper. 

This is a compare and contrast assignment. Select any two texts we have read throughout the semester for this comparative paper.




 In your comparison of elements from two texts you could look for similarities and/or differences. Your thesis should clearly mention both the texts and whether you think the elements under discussion are similar and/or different in both the texts. Given this is a comparative paper it is important you select a topic that will help you discuss two texts together based on comparison and/or contrast. That is, you could compare/contrast any of these elements in the two stories: style, theme, characterization, plot, multiple narrators etc.  As you know from previous essays, you need to have a clear thesis which identifies the topic, position, and rationale for the claims. You will also need sub-topics that develop the thesis.


For example, you could compare two novels based on the theme of torture such as Waiting for the Barbarians and Foe, discussing the relation of torture to issues of language, power, and colonialism.

Structure of Comparative Paper

In writing comparative papers it is very important to keep in mind that your paper should NOT read like a list of items. That is, you should not devote the first half of the paper to one author and the second half to another author. Your thesis, as I mentioned above, should clearly discuss both the authors. Moreover, every paragraph should be organized around a sub-topic (and not around a particular author) that will help you discuss the two authors in the same paragraph. This way you will not only have a flow in the paper but also avoid merely summarizing the two books.



Your short paper should be 10-12 pages (minimum 3500 words), typed, 12pt., double spaced, Times New Roman, with 1 inch margin on all sides.   You will need to print the total word count (not characters) at the end of the essay.  You need to include Works Cited page using MLA format.  You need minimum two academic sources (articles, book chapters) from library database approved by me. please try to use 2 scholarly sources, only use the two books (FOE & WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS) for the rest of the paper thank you

You are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and close reading of the texts. In other words, these are analytical/exploratory papers and not mere summaries of the novels.  The papers should be carefully proofread.