For Kim Woods 4

What are some likely future crimes, and how will future criminal activity differ from criminal activity today?

As part of your response please be sure to include what criminal justice practitioners should do to address these future crimes.

600 words(not including references)

2 References

14 Media Law multiple choice questions

read the chapters on libel (4 & 5) in the textbook. “Just” is relative, because it covers a lot ground, but it is really important you do them. You can skip the part that deals with IIED (intentional infliction of emotional distress) for now.

DEADLINE is tomorrow midnight, 12AM, 9/29, so you have 24hrs


25 words in one hour

Have you ever thought about why only nine justices had been appointed at such a level of power in the Supreme Court?”

sinek's golden circle (start with why)

Provide your essay response to the question below.   A minimum of 300 words is required for this essay.

  • At the top of your Essay state your Rank, Full name, Agency and Session number.
  • Be sure you are writing in APA with a minimum of one source.
  • Type your essay in a Word Document to utilize the “word-count” feature and ensure a minimum of 300 words.  Then copy and paste from Word into your essay text box.
  • You will not be required to format this 300 word Essay in the full APA format that is required in your case study. You ONLY need to use APA in your reference and in text citation.
  • Make certain that you paste the CORRECT essay that corresponds to the question below into the text box. Proof read your essay very carefully before submitting it.  You will be graded on the quality of your content and your proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Click on “Finish Essay” to submit your essay.
  • Your score will show as 0/100% until your instructor grades your essay.  Your grade will then update automatically in your grade book.
  • Print your essay page and place in your folder.


  1.  Your Essay Question
    Discuss how Sinek’s “Golden Circle” relates to a public safety agency’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Unit 3 Assignment – Diversity in the Workplace


This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Describe the application of labor laws due to court decisions.
  • Describe the impact of diversity on the workplace.
  • Describe negotiating techniques and how to overcome an impasse.


You are employed with Zimring Consulting LLC, an organization in the business of helping other organizations increase performance through workforce enhancement. You were assigned to a project with a large company that is considering some organizational changes in order to better respond to rapid changes in the business environment. You are to meet with different departments and areas of the company in order to analyze and evaluate the status quo.

Prior to your first on-site meeting with your client, you review a list of issues that have been collected through initial conversations with the new client. One of the issues that has been identified for further evaluation involves the multi-generational nature of the workforce in the software development area of the company. There seems to be a fair amount of friction being reported between the staff ranging from harassment to reasonable accommodation.

Due to the company’s rapid growth through the acquisition of smaller technology companies, the organization has also grown a development organization consisting of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.

When you met with the client, you also noticed some other issues. You noticed that the individuals representing the Baby Boomers are predominately white males, while the Millennials seem to be comprised of people from foreign nationalities, people of color, and women.

You have been tasked with the following:

Part I

Recall the benefits and challenges of having a diverse workforce utilizing what you have learned from the information in this unit and previous units of this course. Think about individual biases—even your own.  Share your thoughts.

Part II

Now, turn your attention to the management of such a diverse organization. What steps would you take to foster an inclusive organization? How would you ensure that it is maintained and enhanced?


Word Document

Your assignment must be formatted as follows:

  • APA formatting
    • Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font
    • 1-inch margins
    • Page numbers in top right corner
    • Doubled spaced
  • Must include a minimum of two credible sources.
  • Must be 2-3 pages in length.

Assignment Resources

Mosely, E. (2019). How to create a more inclusive workplace culture (Links to an external site.).

Patrick, H. A., & Kumar, V. R. (2012). Managing workplace diversity: Issues and challenges (Links to an external site.).

Paper 500 words

 Write paper between 500 – 750 words.




Discuss the liability, if any, that might arise in respect of the following incidents:

Zoe bought a house with a large garden in a rural farming area. She obtained planning permission to build an extension to manufacture organic herbal remedies in her home. In a short time, the sales of Zoe’s remedies reached a very high level and she employed five people to meet the demand for her products.

Gregory, who occupies the farm next to Zoe’s house, told Zoe that the chemical fumes from the solvent she uses for sterilising the manufacturing equipment have become unbearable, even with the windows closed. The doctor has told Gregory’s wife Siri that the recurring eye infections she is suffering are caused by the chemical fumes.

Zoe was indignant when Gregory made the complaint and refused to consider taking any action to reduce the problem. Zoe claimed that there is no scientific evidence to show that chemical fumes from the solvent cause harm and said that Siri’s eyes must be extra sensitive.

Although he knew it might annoy Zoe, Gregory went ahead with the rock concert he planned to hold in a field on his farm. He sold hundreds of tickets and the loud music and fireworks display from Gregory’s land kept all the villagers awake through the night. A large firework exploded, shattering the windows in Zoe’s house. The exploding firework also caused injury to Jimmy, one of the musicians playing on the stage, and injured Ngoze, a cyclist passing on the road outside Gregory’s farm.

· No bibliography is required.

· Please do not include footnotes or quotations in your work. If you want to include something someone else has said then please summarise it in your own words, and provide the reference in the body of your essay.

· Your answer must not exceed 2,000 words. Examiners will not mark any content that exceeds this limit. 

Avoiding Plagiarism

Case study 2

Carrie and Jim Townsend live in a townhouse next to Patti and Bob Gaines in Anytown, USA for the past year. The two couples have become friends and often sit in their adjacent backyards having a few adult beverages.  One evening in the summer, the two couples are enjoying some beverages when they start to discuss football.  Carrie and Jim are from Philadelphia and are huge Eagles fans.  Carrie and Jim learn, unbeknownst to them, that Patti grew up in Dallas and is a huge Cowboys fan.  

Initially, the discussion is friendly with jokes about the two teams.  However, soon Carrie becomes inebriated and begins hurling insults at her “friend” Patti.  She screams at Patti and very loudly tells her that only “a dumb Southerner” could ever like the Cowboys.  Bob is very upset that his wife is being insulted.  He cannot bring himself to hit a woman, so he instead hits Jim in the face and tells him to control his wife.  Jim, who is not involved in the verbal insults, was taken off guard by the punch and finds that he is bleeding from his mouth and several of his teeth are now in the lawn.

Other neighbors overhear the loud argument and call the police.  The police come into the backyard and take Bob into custody for hitting Jim.  They restrain Carrie who is still screaming about how amazing the Eagles are and asking the police how they feel about the two sports teams.  The police do not get involved in the sports discussion but leave Carrie, Jim and Pattie in the backyard.  

Jim goes with his wife to the hospital for medical treatment.  Jim needs stiches for his mouth and cannot go to work for a week as a sales associate at a retail store because of his injuries.

Answer the following questions about the incident:

Answer the following questions:

1.   Explain the difference between a crime and a tort.  Who are the parties in each cause of action?  What penalties or damages can be assessed in each case?

2.   What crimes might the District Attorney allege against the parties?  Make sure to explain the legal basis of each crime and tell me which of the parties should be charged.

3.   What tort claims might the parties?  Are there any defenses that should be asserted by the parties? Explain the element of each tort and defense in detail.

4.   What damages may be asserted against the parties for the tort case?

Prepare a response to each question posed.  Make sure to set forth your answer in complete sentences.  Spelling and grammar will be checked in grading your case study.    Remember a well thought out response receives a better grade than a correct conclusion with no reasoning provided.  Because of the differences in state laws, the only resource you should use (and I expect to be used) for this case study response is the textbook.

Write answers to the following questions from the information set forth in the textbook.  You must include three specific points from the textbook reading in your response including the chapter, page number and paragraph number at which you found the information.  For example if you found the information in Chapter One, page one and paragraph one of the textbook, you should use the following reference in your response (Chapter 1, p. 1, para. 1). For online versions of the textbook use the section number (Ex. 19-3d). Each reference must be from the textbook—internet sources or other references from other sources will not suffice.  If you have an older version of the textbook, please note that in your response.

Research Paper Topic


For your course research paper, you will choose a topic based upon compliance standards related to health information initiatives in medical law and ethics from which to create research questions. Once you have chosen your topic, you will submit a proposal consisting of your preliminary research with at least two scholarly references.

Within your proposal, discuss why you chose your topic, at least two possible subtopics, possible research questions you

could investigate, and the relevance of your two scholarly references to your research. Make sure that your topics, research

questions, and references are related to law and ethics within a health profession.

Your topic proposal should be at least one page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, with appropriate APA style


Research Paper

The topic is Harkin-Engel Protocol which is about the child labor in the chocolate industry. I need a Research paper in APA format with about 20 Pages. Also need a PPT for the Research paper. The paper should typically should contain but not limited to   title page, table of contents, body, conclusion, and bibliography.