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Write some bullet points, notes, and explanations of each point in Pp notes ith references.

Topic;1  Network Effects 

Topic2:   Production Structure 

Topic 3:  Preventing the entry of rivals  

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1200-1300 words Econ essay

Due on Nov. 2nd. 

Applying Business Law


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • Select a past or current issue in employment law in the United States. Describe the issue. Explain how employment law was applied in the resolution.


This is an individual assignment.  After viewing the video answer the questions.


Professional sports team

Do some research and write a Topic Paper that describes the market structure in which a typical professional sports team in or outside the United States (e.g. New York Yankees, Kansas City Wizards, New Jersey Nets, Manchester United, etc.) operates. Do they cleanly fit into one of the four structures discussed in our book? If yes, describe which one and support the conclusion you reached? If you believe they do not fit neatly into a structure, describe why not?

After you have reached your conclusion, examine and explain how, if at all, your conclusion changes if the scope of the marketplace changes, i.e., the area of consideration is narrowed or widened.  The area of consideration may be the product or service under review, or the geographic area in which the product or service is offered.

Lastly, gather some information about a market structure called ‘monopsony’ and state why or why not that structure is relevant to the topic. 5 pages and references

ECO 365 Week 4 Team Assignment The Economics of Labor Markets

ECO 365 Week 4 Team Assignment The Economics of Labor Markets(15 slides )

Applied economy questions

Applied Economic using R

read a 7 pages article and answer questions

due in 7 hours. answer 400-500 words

DQ US Recession

 Explain the likely effects of a U.S. recession on the demand for Canadian exports. What would be the effect on Canadian aggregate demand? Suppose the Bank of Canada viewed its monetary policy as being appropriate for keeping output close to potential before any U.S. recession. What would you then predict to be the Bank’s response to the foreign recession? 

150 Words