Activity 3.1

For this activity, we will read a popular press article that reports on the Koomen article that you read in Reading 2.3. The goal is to compare and contrast what is written in the popular article with the original article

Original article: Reading 2.3

Choose one of the following popular press articles to compare it to: 

I choose the second one (Jim Borden’s blog)

New Marshmallow Test Looks at Cooperation

Questions to answer

  • Which popular press article did you choose?
  • Who is writing this popular press article? Look not only for the author’s name, but the organization / affiliation of the author (like the “how to read an academic article” asks you to do). Are they credible?
  • Who is the audience of the popular press article (i.e., who do you think they are writing this article to)? 
  • What is similar to what was written in the original article? 
  • What was different to what was written in the original article? 
  • How does the style or tone of writing differ in the original and popular press article?