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Find a research based journal article from a reputable social science or criminal justice publication and provide a synopsis of it here. You may choose either quantitative or qualitative inquiry based studies. There are many journals out there from which you can choose. Here are a couple you can use:

1. What technique was used to select subjects?2. Are there independent and dependent variables?

3. Was this qualitative or quantitative inquiry?

4. Anything else of interest about the research.

Additionally, discuss whether or not the research was pertinent and necessary. Was it timely? Could it have been improved? How will it inform the public and/or public policy?

In this assignment you need to be SURE the research article is qualitative or quantitative. I think many of you will again find informational articles and be a bit confused by that.

If the article is providing data, but not a research hypothesis or research questions, then it is not a research study. We now need to focus on what a research study is.

The point of this discussion is to FIND a RESEARCH STUDY. Not just an article that provides information. Do some research, folks. FIND a true research study. If you find an informational article and want to post it, that’s all right, but remember it will not meet the requirements of this discussion board.


Genetics vs Society, psychology homework help

Genetics versus Society” Please respond to the following:

  • Give your opinion on whether you believe gender roles associated with each gender (i.e., the stereotypical ways that females and males are “supposed” to behave) are based more on biology or environment. Determine whether you believe the actions of females and males are based more on genetics or the expectations and dictates of society. Provide a rationale for your response.

Complete Freewrite Discussion Post and Narrative Assignment



Prewriting–Freewrite on a Spring Break Memory

Freewriting is one type of prewriting that helps many students get their thoughts down on paper. Hacker states that “freewriting is simply nonstop writing.  You set aside ten minutes or so and write whatever comes to you, without pausing to think about word choice, spelling, or even meaning.” Anker discusses Freewriting on p.52. For this week’s Discussion Board post, I want you to freewrite on the topic–Spring Break Memories. Post your Spring Break Memory  freewrite here before midnight on Sunday, March 20. This DB post, like all DB posts this term, is worth 10 points.


  • Week 1–Narrative Paragraph (Click Here to Attach/Submit Your Paragraph)

    Spring Break Memory

      After reading this week’s reading assignments and completing your Spring Break memory freewriting, write a 
    narrative paragraph (8-10 sentences) about one specific Spring Break memory.  This should not be the same thing you posted on the DB.  The DB post should be freewriting on any Spring Break memories that came to your mind while you were freewriting. When freewriting, you shouldn’t worry about spelling, grammar, or organization. This paragraph, on the other hand, should be a well-organized narrative paragraph that you have polished and proofread.  In this narrative, you will describe one specific Spring Break memory. It does not have to be the same memory you freewrote about. Like all narratives, your paragraph should tell a story. You could write about any experience that you’ve had during any Spring Break memory (recent or from your childhood). You may want to skim through chapters 5-8 in Anker if you have little or no paragraph writing experience.  This paragraph, like all writing assignments this term, will be submitted in Assignments and will be worth 100 points. Click on the underlined heading of these directions to submit this paragraph as an attached file. Make sure your saved file has a .doc, .docx, or .rtf extension.  Read the how-to documents posted under Course Documents on formatting paragraphs, saving files, and submitting work. Also, make sure your paragraph is your own work; do not use any outside sources. Due: before midnight on Sunday, 3/20.

American history factors that impacted women at this time, writing homework help

1.Considering each of the factors that impacted women at this time, was this a beneficial period for women’s rights? Your answer should include some reference to reform, the Market Revolution (industrial technologies), and expansion.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

2. What major event(s) surrounding Jackson’s Presidential administrations do you believe made the greatest impact on the shape of the country, and why? Your answer should include a minimum of 2 events and their impact. The events may include, but are not limited to, the American System, the Corrupt Bargain, the Era of Good Feelings, the Bank War, and/or the Indian Removal Act.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

APA Format with references

please complete the following

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography begins the preliminary research process. The document will serve as an ongoing list of sources that will support your Final Research Paper. Each of the sources should be cited in APA format and should include a two-paragraph summary, or annotation, of the resource contents and how you intend to use the information within your paper. Be sure to utilize the information from this week’s “Argument and Thesis Workshop” discussion and refer to the Research Paper Guidelines for additional support.

To fulfill the research component of this assignment, you must:

  • Conduct several searches using any of the databases in the Ashford University Library.
  • Select at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from your library search that support the topics and arguments you plan to present in your Final Research Paper.

To fulfill the written component of this assignment, you must:

  • Include a title page that is formatted in proper APA style, following the Sample APA Title Page located in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • List APA-style references in alphabetical order along with your unique paragraph summaries.
  • Format your assignment according to APA style. Your Annotated Bibliography should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and use 12-point Times New Roman font.

Your annotations should contain: a paraphrased summary, in your words, of the information presented in the article; your analysis of the best use of this information in your paper; and identification of the topic sentence the information will support.

The bibliography must be 500 to 700 words in length and formatted according to APA style.

it is about psychology

What’s At Stake, English homework help

What’s At Stake, Shake It OutCan you name something that you have a stake in, something that matters deeply to you, something that upsets you, something that alarms you, something that confuses you, something that compels you think more deeply about the world.

the topic that i want to write is talk about Chinese international student who study in America.Chinese parent think American education is good, so that they want send their child to america. however, what are they really do in the U.S. some of them addicted to internet game, and clubbing instead of study. another of them join the club at school, they study really hard and go to library, and do some part time job to make money to less their family’s stress. some people play all the time, but they still study. so is it good to study in america.

this short discussion need 2 or more paragraph. 

at least 300 words.

thank you.

Complete Discussion Response to Classmate Visual Arts Course


I choose Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, 1889, as the artwork that has meaning for me.  I actually searched the textbook, hoping to find it for this discussion.  It has always been one of my favorites.  It can be found in Chapter 21, fig. 21.30 on page 385. I look forward to learning more about this particular artist.  

The Starry Night seems to be a representation of Art in Worship as described in Chapter 2, using imagery that shows a cathedral with an extremely tall narrow steeple that rises over the rest of the town.  As a central focus it acts as an indicator of the spiritual structure of the painting.  The way it reaches towards the stars mimics the raised hands of a worshiper.  Though there is a darker feeling in parts of the painting, the overall effect is there are beginnings and ending to all good things, the end of the physical and the beginning of eternal.

Thomas Aquinas believed that art is beneficial in encouraging religion; showing the differences between the material world and spiritual reality.  This belief continued to be influential in the construction of future cathedrals in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.  

Having the opportunity to view this piece in person versus a picture or replication is akin to looking through a telescope versus traveling through the stars.  It would be hard to appreciate the colors and texture, those things that would speak to my own thoughts of my religious/ spiritual path.

As I was viewing this piece, it occurred to me that the windows of the church are very dark in comparison to the windows around the town.  Are there any opinions on the reason and what it says to the person enjoying the art?  

Essay Assignment, history homework help

1):Question: A: Describe the experiences and Reactions of captured Africans in the Middle Passage during the Trans-Atlantic “Slave” trade. What were the significances of the “Tran-Atlantic Moment” in the making of the Atlantic African Diaspora between the 15th and the 19th centuries.

2) Writing Style: Only the Chicago Manual Style of writing should be used throughout the paper including footnotes and bibliography. You must use Footnotes Citation as No MLA and/or APA writing styles shall be accepted. Example of footnote citation:

Euro-Americans are often quick to trivialize and justify America’s role in the enslavement of Africans on the grounds that enslavement had been an old practice and was not uniquely practiced by Europeans in the Americas.[1]

This citation is for a published book. To cite a published article, you put the author’s name followed by a period (Teacher name.) followed by the title of the article in quotation marks ( “Cameroon in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.”) the name of the journal ( Journal of African Studies.)  Vol. 6, no. 20 (2006), p. 35.

3) Organization: The paper should include a cover page, the main text, and a reference page. 

i) Cover Page: This page should include from top to bottom the following information: Course number and title, Student’s name, student’s ID number, Question (s), Course Instructor’ name, Semester, and Academic Year.

ii) Main text: This is an essay assignment and must be typed in doubled spacing. This part of the paper should include:

§  An engaging introduction that grabs/captivates the reader’s attention and clearly identifies and puts into perspective the major requirements/points of the question.

§  A body that clearly, thoroughly, and insightfully addresses all aspects of the assignment. Paragraphs must be introduced by solid topic sentences and developed by providing sufficient evidence and sources to support the topic sentences and/or main point of each paragraph. There should be smooth and effective transitions (using transition words and/or sentences) that link sentence to sentence, point to point, paragraph to paragraph, and one part of the paper to another. Each section or sub-section of the question must have at least four substantively developed supporting paragraphs. Do not plagiarize as the paper shall be thoroughly checked for this academic misconduct during grading.

§  A conclusion that ties together the arguments, main points, and sections of the entire paper. It also gives you an opportunity to make personal judgments if need be.

iii) References: This page includes the sources consulted and effectively used in writing the paper. . Use only the Chicago style in documenting your references (footnotes and bibliography). Names in the references (Bibliography) should be arranged in alphabetical order.

5) Mechanics: Check your paper for vocabulary consistent with course content; correct spellings, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure; appropriate formatting; run-on sentence (s); date accuracy; variety of sentence styles and length; and writing style.

6) Sources: Some of the relevant books for the assignment include our main text and the three books under Suggested Readings in your syllabus. You may also get published articles from the Jstor website. Documentaries may also be consulted for a deeper insight and varied perspectives on the subject of the question. Your footnotes and reference page must reflect usage of at least four published books and some published articles.

For any questions please text me.

Thank you.

Good Luck.