What is the difference between summative and formative evaluations? 

 Match the term to the definition. Not all terms will be used.

1) The place where training is conducted

2) The organization and coordination of a training program

3) An organized program of study designed to meet a complex learning objective

4) Covers more specific learning objectives and addresses a more limited number of competencies or skills

5) The translation of the content and sequence of training activities into a guide used by the trainer to help deliver training

6) Measures that a company and its trainer use to evaluate training programs

7)The process of collecting the outcomes needed to determine whether training has been effective

8) Evaluation conducted to improve the training process; usually conducted during program design and development

9) Evaluation of the extent that trainees have changed as a result of participating in the training program

10) An evaluation design in which both pre-training and post-training outcome measures are collected


A.  Course or program

B.  Training site

C.Request for proposals

D.  Training outcomes

E.  Formative evaluation

F. Detailed lesson plan

G.  Program design

H.  Pre-test/post-test

I.  Curriculum

J.  Training evaluation

K.  Summative evaluation

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What features should come with a good training site?

Question 3 : 100 Words

What is the difference between summative and formative evaluations?