Explain the nature and implications of one of these challenges of managing a global workforce.

Research Essay:
There are many challenges associated with managing a global workforce. Explain the nature and implications of one of these challenges utilising the relevant literature.
This assignment could be addressed from various perspectives including that of an HRM manager in a global business organisation, a national government policy advisor, a manager or HRM manager in a not-for-profit organisation, a trade union official or a sustainability expert. In short, any particular interest perspective is valid but the perspective adopted must be made explicit. Examples of the sort of challenges that might be focused upon include: the impact of particular global forces such as the GFC, issues associated with global movements of people such as migration, or challenges associated with the exercise of HRM functions in the context of cultural differences, differing work organisation practices or varying legislative requirements. Whatever focus you choose, this must be clear and explicit.
Further Marking Criteria
Demonstrated familiarity with at least six scholarly journal articles or books (pass) on the theoretical/conceptual material relevant to your paper; engage with more of the relevant literature to enhance your grade (15 marks)
Evidence of evaluation, critical reflection and discussion (20 marks)
Evidence of the ability to apply knowledge to a practical situation. (5 marks)
Demonstrated ability to discuss issues in a written format (5 marks)
Requirements for the Essay
Length of the report: 2000 words (10% allowance either way)