Develop a Foodservice Facilities Program

The next part of the project will focus on specific areas of the concept, such as describing the menu, describing functional areas, and determining relevant data for the facilities.  You will need to use provided resources for overall project as well as describing specific areas. Necessary files are linked and found under “Resources” on class website navigation menu.  These forms should be presented as appendices in your submitted document.  Each worksheet will be presented in dedicated appendix, shown in sequence as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so on until complete.  Appendices follow the reference list in APA format.  Content related to a worksheet should annotate the relevant appendix.

Example: “The design worksheet in appendix A shows that 20% of the total square footage will be used for the bar.”

  • Facilities design: ACTION PLAN – Facility Design Worksheet
  • Each functional area: ACTION PLAN – Foodservice Facilities Program Worksheet

The content of the writing will provide an analysis of the data presented as well as justification for decisions or claims being made.  The content of the writing will also need to explain decisions made within context of the planning process, such as identifying what needed to be decided first or what decisions affected other aspects of the planning process.

The project planning analysis will need to include the following elements;

  • Compile operational data [Use facility design worksheet]
  • Menu development.
    • Your base menu must identify at least five [5] “signature” entrées that will affect layout or necessary equipment.
    • Discuss intended prices for these items.
    • Justify prices with a discussion of your food costs.
    • Estimate your projected sales and expenses for this menu.
  • Develop a Foodservice Facilities Program [Use foodservice facilities design worksheet]
    • Create a bubble diagram or flow chart to show how the areas relate to each other
  • Facility layout
    • On computer or on 24-by-36-inch graph paper, create a layout of the proposed facility, both front and back of house. (Check out:
      • Define scale
      • Begin by deciding the broad outlines of such areas as entrance(s), dining space, kitchen, bar, restrooms, storage spaces Be sure to show all doors, windows, aisles and enclosed spaces Show locations of all drains and the grease interceptor (trap). Show electrical outlets and direct electrical connections, particularly in the kitchen

As with phase one, the above elements do not represent the framework or outline of the writing. These are only elements that must be addressed as if presenting to investors or partners.

Writing Guidelines

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
  • Length of paper: Actual length will be based on assessing what information is necessary and what is extraneous.  You will need to determine what you need to communicate without adding “fluff” and assuring all identified elements from the instructions are addressed where and when applicable.


Type of Facility: _______________________________________________________________

1. Space

(a) Size of building lot______________ (b) Square footage of building_______________

Space Allocation

(c) Dining room(s)____________% (d) Private dining areas______________%

(e) Kitchen__________________% (f) Bar or lounge___________________%

(g) Restrooms________________% (h) Office_________________________%

(i) General storage____________% (j) Common area(s)_________________%

(k) Bar storage ____________% (l) Other__________________________%

2. Projected Sales

Food_____________% Alcoholic beverages__________%


Total number served Seat turns Required seats

Breakfast _________________ _________ ____________

Lunch _________________ _________ ____________

Dinner __________________ __________ ____________

3. Service Style(s)

Table service______________ Counter service___________

Banquet service____________ Cafeteria ________________

Take-out service___________ Scrambled cafeteria__________

Food court________________ Curbside service_______________

Explain any particulars not covered in the general guidelines shown above:


(Complete a different sheet for each area of the facility)

Name of area or space:______________________________________________________

Square footage required:________________________________

Description of Area: (Describe the use of the space, including HVAC requirements and utility requirements. Also the floor, wall and ceiling treatments, as well as the lighting requirements.)

Relationship to other spaces: (Which other areas are adjacent to this space? Describe the access to it from other spaces. The bubble diagram should help you decide these relationships.)

Special design requirements: (Discuss unusual or unique space requirements, including accessibility for disabled patrons or staff members, as well as structural issues.)