Week 3 Discussion (HMRN 406)

RWQ Week 3

As ALWAYS, include proper cites and references on each of your answers AND READ and respond to at least one other student before the end of the week. AND post your answers as one post with your name and ‘Answers’ in the subject. I can’t believe that some of us missed this point. Habit? BTW, you should be able to edit your post one posted if you need to.


.A) .i) It has been said (and some say shown) that many of the jobs/positions that organizations will need in the very near future don’t exist yet. ii) And there are reports of considerable skill gaps / shortages in the workforce. Do some quick research on topics a and b and i) report what you find.

.B) In your experience, what is your opinion of on the top 3 competencies needed for future success?

BTW, Reminder/Focus Area: Make sure to compare/contrast on these two points in your response posts to other student(s)’ point(s) of view.


.A) Contrast the ADDIE Model with one other instructional design model of your choice (such as Dick & Carey or Kemp – or another model that you have researched on your own). Name one strength and weakness of each model.

.B) A lot has changed since 1975 when ADDIE was conceived. That doesn’t make the model bad. Some consider it a seminal cornerstone. Considering what you know of the world now, and the goal of organizational T&D, offer one enhancement to ADDIE.

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