You are an agency supervisor. Two of your female employees are close friends. , Comprehensive Scenario/Teamwork HELP

Consider the following scenario:

You are an agency supervisor. Two of your female employees are close friends. They are often seen in each other’s office. They have imperious personalities. They go out for drinks after work and socialize with each other on weekends. When one of these two workers becomes upset, the other follows suit. If the two argue with each other, there is tension in the office. In staff meetings these two workers will sometimes gang up on other workers who may disagree with their ideas and proposals regarding clients and agency functioning. Some workers have complained about how these two workers can intimidate other workers. More recently your agency has experienced a high staff turnover.

In a 1-2 page paper address the following:

  • What are the salient features associated with this case?
  • What is the supervisor’s primary responsibility in responding to this behavior?
  • Discuss the role that diverse perspectives could be playing in creating some of the conflict
  • Why is understanding diversity as important when working on a team?
  • How can these two resolve the issue so that they are both demonstrating valuable and meaningful contribution to their tasks and work teams?
  • Identify a minimum of four concepts and definitions from at least 3 of your human services courses. Describe how you would utilize those concepts to solve the problem.
    (Please note that by the course project’s completion you must make reference to concepts and definitions from all your Rasmussen curriculum e.g. Human Behavior, Theoretical Service Delivery, Research, Human Sexuality etc…)
  • Discuss and propose resolutions to this scenario.