write 5 pages about meaning in unavoidable suffering, philosophy homework help

Thesis is

Creation of meaning in unavoidable suffering

a-surrendering to fate or accepting the conditions

b- realizing meaning is found in a power greater than one’s self

c- knowing that one is ultimately responsible for his/her attitude

the only resource you can use


Important notes

1-Do not use pronouns at all if you talk about people say people or individuals, never use it his him their etc and do not use the word “things”

2-No other sources expect given

3-Make sure you start the first sentences of each paragraph with the idea of the 3 major ideas above not with the name of philosopher.

4- introduction should be about the 3 major’s ideas above.

5- read what on WHAT TO DO File

6- relate all your ides with the sourses do not talk about outside that

·you should assume that the reader know about the stories, so directly talk about the topic no need to summery just explain