working with children with disabilities , psychology homework help

Respond by adding additional modifications or accommodations that could be beneficial to this student, or discuss some further thoughts on how your peer can prepare for this meeting.

5 sentences or more.

At the end of the questions I have my Inclusion chart attached to this post.

a. As an integral part of the IEP/504 team, how would you prepare for this meeting?
The main thing to keep in mind when working with children with disabilities is to be positive and encouraging. So for the meeting I would represent the positive side of things.

b. What are three important items to consider about this student before making any recommendations to the committee (e.g. what need might the child have) ?
A child with disabilities may need special supplies, special desk, and their own personal space.

c. What information is important to know about mild hearing disability and how will that information affect performance/learning/behavior in the classroom?
You should remember that child hears things in a fog like manner. Things that they hear are not completely clear. This will affect the learning,performance and behavior because even though the can somewhat the hearing is foggy and may cause confusion.

d. What are two accommodations that might be beneficial for this student and why ?
You make sure you are there to assist the child and be encouraging because this will help the child feel special.

e. What is one modification that will help this student and why?
When you are assisting this child you should remember to remain in a positive state of mind because the student could be impressionable .

f. Lastly, what are the differences between accommodations and modifications ?
The difference is with accommodations the child has to participate in the assessments and with modifications they do not have to participate.