women/health final, sociology homework help

Week 5

https://app.box.com/s/pfk4ldj52pp0nl61tqjlz4jg8uft… https://youtu.be/63XsokRPV_Y

How do work and family constrain our health outcomes?

What is the stress process and its different types of stressors?

How do men and women manifest mental health symptoms?

Know facts and trends about body image, eating disorders, and cosmetic surgery.

Factors related to body image and eating disorders.

How do work and family roles and responsibilities differ for women and men and their health?

What are positive aspects of constrained choice of families and workplace?

How have men’s and women’s roles and responsibilities at work and home changed?

How does marriage affect health? Children? How is this different for men and women?

How does work affect health?

Why are flexibility and choice critical resources for managing work and family roles?

What are patterns and trends in the US when it comes to health behaviors and gender differences, such as smoking, alcohol use, diet, weight, and physical activity?

How can we explain individual health behaviors? (education, socialization, social and economic factors)?

What is beauty sickness and how do we deal with it?

Week 6

Women and Health Week 6 Lecture.docx https://youtu.be/_GOCoWrGNB0.

How do social policies constrain our health? Pay attention to examples in the social policy lecture.

What are the patterns in women and healthcare? Know vertical occupational segregation and care work.

What are the main patterns and trends in medical schools as reported in the Pololi article on Blackboard?

Know hierarchy among health care providers

Differences in gendered physician practice styles.

How might women doctors treat women patients, and what might women doctors do to change health care?

How do social policies constrain health, particularly for women?

What are policy regimes and how are they linked to health and gender differences?

Know about national wealth and the gender gap across nations

How do neighborhoods, communities, and places affect health and gender differences?

How does Dr. Jenn Anderson’s TED Talk link to constrained choice?

Week 7



What are some ways that we can improve awareness of gender differences in health?

What are the numbers around breast cancer awareness and research? (Where does the money go?)

How does Lorber describe how social factors affect our health outcomes? (institutions, organizations, social systems)

What does the the feminist perspective on health care argue?

What does our current delivery model look like and what is most important?

Know about the women’s and men’s health movements, the feminist health movement

What changes are offered by Lorber?

What is the biosocial interaction?

How do we define constrained choice?

What are ways to integrate biological and social research?

What can social policies, communities, work and families, and individuals do for positive changes?

In her TED Talk, how does Rebecca Onie describe what a health care system is?