volunteer at a human service organization, sociology homework help

Students “PRETEND” you are required to volunteer at a human service organization any time and write a reflective essay. Volunteer Fairfax (http://www.volunteerfairfax.org/) has a searchable database so that you can find something that is interesting to you.

Before submission, check that your reflective essay includes:

  • a cover page including contact information of the supervisor and agency (phone, email, website, postal address, name of the supervisor or person who recruited you)
  • a paragraph providing the agency, its mission, and what volunteer opportunity you signed up for
  • a summary of how much time you spent there and what you did
  • 1-2 page reflection of what you learned from the experience
  • Conclude with your thoughts about the role of volunteerism in society
  • Volunteer form signed by the supervisor /email sent to the instructor stating the contact information and details of your volunteering (duration, role and duties)

PLEASE please have this done to me As soon as possible.