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Revise one of your three previously completed Analysis Essays for improved content, organization, conventions (grammar/spelling) and use of language. Refine, deepen and, if appropriate, expand your original thesis to develop a more comprehensive analysis. Incorporate outside research to strengthen and support your ideas. A minimum of three outside sources is required, only one of which may be a web-based source. Format your revised essay with research according to MLA Style, paying attention to the guidelines for both the Works Cited page required at the end of the essay and the internal citation necessary throughout the body of the essay. Required length: 800 – 1000 words.

The essay was about the Poem London

The prompt for that essay: Select one poem from Module Two and analyze how the author constructs his or her poem to express a particular theme. Develop a thesis of your own that 1) puts forward a concise view of what the poem’s main theme is and 2) demonstrates how the poet’s choices in style, language, form, imagery or other literary elements contribute to expressing that theme. Incorporate at least two quotations from the poem to support your thesis.