The common occupations of women in the early 19th century, US History Discussion Responses help

I need 2 substantive responses to the posts attached below by my fellow classmates. The responses must be substantive and have a minimum of 50 words.



Discuss how the War of 1812 changed the role of women at this time in the U.S. Consider the following questions as you respond:

  • The common occupations of women in the early 19th century
  • The social and cultural views of women at this time
  • The impact that the War of 1812 had on the women’s movement.


POST #1:

The main thing that occurred after the War of 1812 was women actually earning money to work in factories and other types of jobs normally not available to them. These jobs were by no means good, but it was still a huge step in the womens movement. Looking back on the postwar era of the time , it is hard to look at how women were treated and call it progress, but it indeed started the wheel rolling. A lot of women during the war had to do the so called “men’s work” while the men were in battle. This helped some woman acquire skills that would equip them to be able to perform some of the jobs normally that they would not be considered for. I myself am always baffled by sexism as much as I am racism. It seems such things are just common sense, that all humans are equal.

POST #2:

I think the War of 1812 showed America how much women can do. During the war women took on work to support the families while the men were at war. Some women were even stationed at forts and camps to help provide for the soldiers during war. They would cook, bring water, and other stuff at these camps and forts. After the war women continued to work because they either had to because their husbands did not make it home, or because they wanted to help bring in money for the household. A big view of women before the war was that they were to do what their husbands told them to, and the only job they had was to raise the children. After the war some people started realizing that that view was incorrect. Since the view of women were starting to change it helped the women’s movement have more creditably and wasn’t looked as the women just throwing a tantrum for attention.