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EN 101 Source Evaluation Assignment (15% of final grade)Adopted from an assignment by Dr. Elizabeth Pittman

Overview and Purpose of Assignment
For the remainder of the semester, you will be developing and completing a research project on a topicthat corresponds with the course theme. This project will have several components including theSource Evaluation Essay (15% of final grade) and a Group Presentation (5% of final grade). I will assess your ability to develop a research plan on a narrow topic of your choice as well as your ability to choose, read, summarize, and evaluate appropriate sources. Thus, you will continue to practice the summary and paraphrase skills that you worked on in the beginning of the semester. You will alsoimprove your ability to use the internet and the library’s resources to locate secondary sources that arerich and credible.You can think of your source evaluation essay as a documentation of the research process you will usein future courses (and for life!). It will also serve as a kind of proposal for the research and ideas youwill incorporate into the final paper for this course, the Public Project essay (15% of your finalgrade).Objectives and Outcomes for Research Project and Source Evaluation:To create and implement a research plan.To practice using MLA citation style and formatting techniques.To practice source literacy and applicabilityDevelop a pre-research and research strategy that focuses the scope of a research projectBecome familiar with library databasesEffectively gather internet research, identifying the author and publisher of online material and

evaluating the hosting site of that material as well as the material itselfCollect, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize information from a variety of valid and relevant sources, which can include field research
Adequately paraphrase and quote source material while documenting all research accuratelyusing MLA citation style

For this assignment, you will be tasked with locating, reading, summarizing, and evaluating sources.You will also meditate on and draft a reflection of your research process.1) First you will locate 3 reliable sources on your topic during and after two library research days,one where you use the internet and one where you use library databases. Try to choose a varietyof sources for how they help you learn about your topic and the problems associated with it.These sources might include newspaper articles, magazine articles, government sponsoredstudies, or even an individual chapter in a book or a scholarly article. You may choose awebsite if it is authored by a credible source. Locate each source by using the internet or alibrary database. You will spend enough time with these sources to write a 1-3 sentenceoverview of them (This source is about . . .). You will be evaluated on whether these articles

are substantial, credible, and on the same narrowed topic.2) Then you will choose the 3 sources on which to focus in your Source Evaluation Essay. Up totwo of these sources can be class readings your instructor, you, and/or your classmates found

(remember that not all our class readings will meet the criteria: substantial, credible, onsame narrowed topic choose wisely because you will be evaluated on the quality of thesources you decide to summarize). None of the readings included in your source analysisessay can be ones you summarized for a grade or wrote about in your rhetorical analysis.Again, you will be evaluated on the quality of the sources you choose:Are they “meaty” or substantial o in length and perspectives (such as a feature article in a newspaper or magazine) oro in breadth or depth of research (such as a government report)o In depth of research (such as a newspaper expose)Do they meet the evaluative criteria discussed in class (published by a disinterested, relativelyunbiased publisher, vetted in some way, recent)Are they on same narrowed topic as other two sources

3) Read each of your three best sources at least one time. For each of your three best sources, youwill write at least two good-sized paragraphs per source (350-500 words) summarizing the

source. Then for each source, you will write one good-sized paragraph that describes what kind ofsource it is and considers its rhetorical situationaudience, publication venue, author. Towrite this paragraph, you will need to know what kind of publication the source came from (anews magazine for general readers; a trade journal for practicing nurses; a website aimed atcancer patients). Be sure you answer the following questions: who is the author (and whatqualifications does the author have); who published the source; what is the purpose of thispublishing venue; what biases or slants might be connected to this purpose; and who is theaudience of this publication venue. This paragraph on rhetorical context may also consider theconversations in which the source is engaged; the main types of evidence the source employs(research studies, first-hand accounts, etc.); the stylistic and genre conventions of the source;the ways the author accommodates or appeals to his/her audience.

4) Write the Source Analysis Essay (see checklist below for what to include).

Checklist for essay:In general, the format for this assignment is up to you. For example, you may use section or subjectheadings to help your reader navigate between the overview, your research process, and your sourceanalyses. The following components are required.The first two paragraphs should contain an overview of the topiccite and quote from

your sources when necessaryand your interests in the topic.

A third paragraph will describe your research process. What search terms did you use?What worked and how did you change your plan based upon your initial searches? Did

you need to narrow or broaden your topic?

Much of the essay will be the summary and analysis of your sources (#3 above).

Include a conclusion paragraph that draws connections among the sources telling mehow they work together to give you a better sense of your final paper topic. What kindsof sources might you still need to locate? What gaps in knowledge about your topicexist that future research could fill?

Your paper must have a bibliography page for three to five sources (at least three ofthese sources must be ones you found in research for project III and the others will beany class readings you include in your summary/rhetorical context section), which willconstitute both the works you have referred to in your essay and a brief bibliography onyour topic. The bibliography page will appear at the end of the assignment. It is herethat you will include the sentences for all 3-5 sources (see #1 above).

Note: The length of the assignment is flexible, but the total number of pages should be no less than 4.Group Presentation:Groups of 3 or 5 will be formed based upon your chosen topics. You will compile a bibliography basedupon your Source Evaluation essay. You will present your research to the class and teach the classabout what you learned about your topic. More instructions on the group presentation will be provided.

Source Evaluation EssayAssignment Guidelines – Abbreviated

The assignment asks you to choose a topic related to technology and then report on your research onthat topic. You will need to choose 3 main sources on that topic to summarize and evaluate. Inaddition, you will need toLength:4 pages double spaced in 12 point font (no less than 4 full pages, not including the works cited


Paragraphs:Paragraphs 1-2: overview of your chosen topic and your interests in itParagraph 3: describe your research processParagraphs 4-9: For each of the 3 main sources, write one paragraph of summary and one

paragraph evaluating that source (2 paragraphs per main source)Paragraph 10: a conclusion paragraph that draws connections among the sources telling mehow they work together to give you a better sense of your final paper topic. What kinds ofsources might you still need to locate? What gaps in knowledge about your topic exist thatfuture research could fill?Sources:3 main sources and 2 additional sources need to be used and cited (5 sources total)Include a works cited page for all of the sources