“real world” of your life, English homework help

For this paper, identify a problem that you observe in some aspect of the “real world” of your life that you would like to see either solved completely or significantly diminished. In many cases, an issue of fairly local interest is the best option for this essay. “Local” may mean the college, the community or region in which you live, or even a family issue that would be of interest to others dealing with a similar problem. Also, it is fine to use personal experiences or observations as part of the “evidence” in this paper as long as you also do the research and use the required source material. Above all, it is important that you choose a problem or issue that is interesting to you and you would like to know more about.

Since all problems have causes and effects, you will be analyzing the problem you identify from a cause-effect perspective.

In your essay, decide whether you want to discuss the CAUSE of a problem or the EFFECT of a problem. Don’t feel that you have to address both. This is a short essay of three-four pages, not including the Works Cited page, so your topic should be narrowed down and not overly broad. In the course of researching, you may see a way to focus on a specific aspect of your topic.

Your essay must have a Works Cited page for the sources of the material that you include in the essay. Your essay MUST include a minimum of seven in-text citations integrated correctly, with signal phrases. Those citations must include at least one each of the following types of material, correctly formatted:

  • one direct quote of fewer than five typed lines, cited MLA-style
  • one direct quote of five or more lines, cited MLA-style, and
  • one summary of source information, cited MLA-style.