Population, Household income, Cost of living, political science homework help

city Profile(Jacksonville, Florida): Each student will carry out an in depth study of a particular American city. Throughout the semester students will be asked to gather and present specified information about their city. At the end of the semester, each student must submit a thorough profile of his or her city. (The profiles are expected to be at LEAST 15 PAGES!) in length and include a description of the city’s political history, demographic and economic characteristics as well as a detailed discussion of a major policy issue facing the city. Each student will present their research during the final week of the course.

The presentation and the written profile will be worth 40% of the grade for the course. Students will receive detailed instructions throughout the semester.

In addition research

Population, Household income, Cost of living, Level of Education, Immigration Trends

history of political activity in your cities including election results since 1990,

find out what kind of organizational structure they use (Mayor-council / commissioners / other type) AND look at past election results over the past twenty years to see any patterns regarding party, any political organizations and small bios for each chief executive.

Use books and city-datacom as references.