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John M. Ludes

General Directions

You are to select an existent discussion board post of one of your classmates to use for analysis. Your main task is to shed light on of the line of argumentation put forth by the authorand to provide your own perspective on the issue(s) under examination.

You can select any post that is in place at the time you are putting your essay together. However, you are urged to select one that contains subject matter of interest to you. Also, please make sure the post contains argumentation of a depth sufficient to comment upon at some length. While it is not necessary that you actually disagree with the thesis of your chosen post (although it is fine if you do), your assessment must present a counterargument/challenge to the main thesis put forward in the post under analysis.


(i) Post under analysis: Please copy and paste the post you are analyzing in the beginning of your essay. The student whose post you chose will never be aware of this fact.

(ii) Inductive argument reconstruction: The central way you will analyze your chosen post is to reconstruct the author’s argument by reconstructing it in standard form (i.e., numbered premises and conclusion) as aninductive argument (Note: Please do notselect a post that already contains an argument in standard form!). Essays omitting this component will receive low scores. This reconstruction must be faithful to the intentions of the author. It should include the key premises that are used as support as well as a clear restatement of the conclusion the author is urging as true. It is not necessary to include every premise the author asserts, or to use the exact words of the original post (though you can, if they are stated in a manner that is conducive to analysis). In your reconstruction, you should strive to exceed the original passages in clarity and precision (while remaining faithful to the content) whenever possible. If what the author means to say can be stated differently to get her point across clearer, by all means do so. Also, make sure that you include any key unstated premises and/or conclusion (if there are any that are important to making the line of argumentation explicit) and if you add such premises, make sure to label them as such. Strive to make your reconstructions simple and to the point, and always make sure that all your premises are in fact claims(remember that questions, exclamations, and some other types of sentences do not qualify as claims). If the line of argumentation contained in the essay is complex, then you should reconstruct it as a complex argument. If the argument is simple (e.g., a number of premises leading up to just one conclusion), then reconstruct a simple argument. Note: In the case of complex argument reconstructions, please label the claim that you take to be a subconclusion.

(iii) A critical analysis of the argument reconstruction: The bulk of your essay will consist of a critique of the author’s argument (as reconstructed by you). Each and every critique will be different, and the differences will be a function of the specific type of argument under analysis, as well as the content of each premise. Generally speaking, your critique will focus on either one or (preferably) both of the following:

(a) The “truth value” of the premises under consideration. Here you will provide various reasons why a given premise is false, implausible, unacceptable, misleading, unsupported, improbable, etc. You may discuss each premise successively, focus on just the key premises, and/or opt to critique just the premises that are most vulnerable to falsification. Regardless of the tactic you adopt, your job is to provide sufficient counterargument to persuade the reader that there is something wrong with the premises of the argument.

(b) The support the premises confer on the conclusion. This type of critique focuses on problems concerning the relation of the premises to the conclusion. As in (a), the specific details of your critique of the structure will vary, dependant upon the nature of your argument reconstruction. Generally speaking, you should point to factors such as premises that are not related to the conclusion, premises that are irrelevant to the truth or falsity of the conclusion, premises that contradict the conclusion, and premises that taken collectively, for some reason or other, do not make it probable that the conclusion is in fact true.

In both (a) and (b), be certain to use the appropriate terms for the specific type of argument you are analyzing (i.e., inductive arguments). Keep in mind that the terms of analysis of deductive arguments (e.g., “valid,” “sound,” etc.) are reserve solely for this type of inference and are not appropriate for this assignment.

Other Information

Documentation: If you use any outside sources and/or research, it must be documented properly within your essayand you must also include a works cited page. There are no requirements regarding specific documentation style (i.e., MLA, Chicago, etc.), just make sure that it is consistent throughout your essay.

Length: I would estimate that successful essays would be a minimum of five double-spaced pages in length.

Submission format: All essays must be submitted as Word documents using the “assignments” function (located on the left toolbar of the homepage) of the class website. Also, please make sure to follow the specific directions I detailed on the submission page (you are advised to check these out prior to writing your essay.

No emailed assignments will be accepted; no exceptions!

No late assignments will be accepted. The assignment function has an automatic submission cutoff and after the deadline, you will unable to upload your essays. Because of this, you are strongly urged to not wait until the last minute to attempt to submit your essay. This will prevent computer problems from making you miss the deadline. Thus, computer problems will not excuse you from making the deadline that will be met by the majority of your fellow classmates.

Due Date:Please see your reading list for the due date. All assignments must be in place by this deadline. Those that are not will register “missed” and you will forfeit all 100 points for this specific grading component.

Plagiarism: Any student who submits an essay that is plagiarized, and/or contains plagiarized material will receive an “F” for the course and have his or her name referred to UNLV’s student conduct office. This happened to two of my students last term so do not be tempted to risk this dire result yourself. The “benefits” of saving a couple hours of work do not even remotely approach the ramifications of being caught.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions on writing your CAE!


this essay need 5 pages double space.

This is the discussion need to be analysis:

I do not believe that it is a moral right to immigrate from one country to another illegally without going to the proper procedures to obtain a citizenship in that country. It is very dangerous to allow anybody to enter our country since it is top priority for the government to maintain the defense of our country. Allowing illegal immigrates to enter untracked puts us at the risk attack from our enemies and those individuals can be used to cause harm themselves. However, there are situations that I can agree merit a good reason from immigrating, but should require to person to do it in a legal matter. It is not the United States job to take care of the world, especially if that means putting its own citizens at risk to help non-citizens.

There is poverty located all around the world and it takes reform within the society and the government to put forth change. This process can help create a long-term solution to the issues of the country rather than leaving illegally to cause problems in another country as a result. In conclusion, it can not be considered a moral right to immigrate illegal, because of poverty. That’s like saying that it’s okay for someone else to move to you house since theirs is not as big and nice looking.