organize explicitly in terms of the authors, writing homework help

The readings are the attached PDFs. No plagiarism, proper grammar and syntax is required! Must be at a collegiate level! No exceptions!

Your response paper should be correctly formatted/organized (typed, 12pt. font, double spaced, 1-inch margins) with proper grammar and spelling and should generally follow this format: paragraphs #1-2: summarize the authors’ argument(s); in paragraphs #3-4: reflect on the authors’ argument(s). (For these papers, you do not need a bibliography and should avoid lengthy quotations—I want to see your ideas! If you must include a quotation, please cite your source using Chicago style.) Please keep in mind that you may have multiple readings/authors for a given week’s response paper; your job is to practice concision in summarizing and relating the different readings to one another.

1. Try to refer to the authors by their last names and be sure to differentiate between the two different pieces.

2. Try to organize explicitly in terms of the authors’ main arguments/takeaways. What conclusions do the authors reach?