My name is Huiwen Mattingley. I was born in Shanghai, China, discussion post help

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My name is Huiwen Mattingley. I was born in Shanghai, China. I live in Japan with my husband and two beautiful girls. We enjoy the food- Sushi and weather here. I work for the Child Development Center on Naval Base. In the past 10 years, I have worked with different age groups. I feel I can learn so many things from children. I think this is the most rewarding job. Currently, I am taking college classes for my BA in Early Childhood Education Administration. I hope one day that I will become a center Director and share my knowledge with others.

I think the statement of “If you plan to teach, you are almost guaranteed to have students with disabilities in your classroom, regardless of your teaching assignment” is true. All children are different. They all have their like and dislike. When children is not interested in one subject, they will simply refuse to receive information during the learning process. In long term, this can cause their certain skills developmentally delay. With this in mind, I would like to learn how to identify those children with disabilities that is not visible to others and how to assist them to develop age appropriately.

Usually when working with children with disabilities, people always over protect them. Staff won’t treat them equal as the regular children just because they have disabilities. Here are some concerns I have. I have seen staff mark those children in front of others. They will tell other children that they cannot play with the child with disability because the child can move freely like the others. This is not help although the staff just doesn’t want the child with disability to get hurt. But the action discouraged the child to develop social/emotional skills. I have seen group children laugh at the child wearing glasses. The action doesn’t help the children with disabilities to recognize what they are and be proud of themselves.

When we working with students with disabilities, it brings more challenges because we won’t just educate one child but the whole class on the interaction with someone with disabilities. I have see many staff striving to provide better care for those children. As long as we put our efforts in, the outcome will be rewarding.