Managing disabled children, assignment help

Please respond in 5 sentences or more.

My name is Destiney Baxter I am a 36-year-old mother of two wonderful girls ages 16 and 10. I have been with my boyfriend since 2004, 12 years strong. I was born in Oklahoma raised in Arkansas and now reside in New Jersey. As a young child I moved around a lot. I have a 13-month old American Bulldog mix his name is Teddie, I also have an American Bulldog named Blu she is 3 months old. I am currently an early head start teacher with the dreams of becoming an Educational Leader. I am also the Middlesex County Coordinator for the pajama program; we help infants to adults who need pajamas. I am also the first aider for my oldest daughters Girl Scout troop. And I am a Junior Girl Scout troop leader for my youngest daughter. I am also the president of Ashford’s ID or instructional Design club. I also currently have my NJ Mental Health Associates’ have been working in early child education off and on since 1999 when we took a course in High school but the last 8 years have been a steady work environment in ECE. I am currently working on my B.A. in ECE and hopefully will graduate in Jan, 2018. I just graduated with my A.A. in ECE in December of 2015. As a teacher I enjoy watching children within my care excel in each developmental milestone. Later on I may be able to help others advance in building a curriculum that helps each child excel past their skill set.

Discuss how this statement will impact your learning over the next five weeks.

What are some of your preconceived notions about working with children with disabilities and what are some concerns you have?

That children with disabilities need one on one care and are not able to be included in a normal classroom setting. That I will not be able to fully see the bigger picture of getting them to the next level developmentally.

Lastly, what are some things that you are excited about with regards to working with students with disabilities?

I have worked with children that have speech delays, one child with Autism, a child with a shunt and spinal bifada, one that has OT and PT and one that needs behavioral therapy, but in the end my eyes light up when I found a way to connect with them on a level that they understand. I can’t wait to see what other options I have to connect with them through and what I have never tried with them in the classroom.