Literary Essay: Alice Walker, English homework help

  1. Read the following story by Alice Walker
    • “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens” (PDF attached below)
  2. Read the following from literary critic Harold Bloom to help you understand the purpose of Walker’s essay:
    • In her autobiographical essay, “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens,” Alice Walker looks at the tremendous burden black women have had to carry from a historical perspective and analyzes the overwhelming odds they have had to overcome to express their creativity. All too often women’s accomplishments have been viewed as inferior since, traditionally, they have been judged according to male standards. Walker, however, acknowledges the great contributions women have made to our culture and traces the power of women through her own matriarchal lineage.
  3. Watch the following trailer of – a flim based on Walker’s life:
    • Beauty in Truth
    • You’ll find “The Trailer” on the right side of your screen (scroll down slightly).
  4. Write a paragraph discussing how the combination of reading the literary essay and learning about Walker through the Beauty in Truth trailer helped you gain perspective on Walker as an author, a champion for women, a proponent of civil rights, and an artist.

Direction: Just need a paragraph on the directions above. Thanks in advance!