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Case # 1

Although some people consider traditional education as the best way to achieve knowledge and get a diploma, online learning proves to be a great alternative. Online learning gives students a chance to study in their own time. According to the “Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks,” “Freedom is what makes online classes attractive to nontraditional students who may work additional jobs or have family responsibilities that make attending regular classes a challenge.” Online learning is very effective because a person can finish their homework quickly and there is still some time left for hobbies or other things. Online learning also has its down falls. With online learning a person cannot develop properly because students learn how to make friends, be patient, get rid of disappointment and especially compete against other people when not there in person. Competition between co workers can be very stimulating and students will only benefit from it which is why online learning may not be the best idea for certain people.

Case # 2

NBA players are some of the best, well trained, and fittest athletes in the world. According to an article on “LeBron (James) is obviously unlike any athlete we’ve ever seen in any sport” (Foxsports, 2015) The game is played over four quarters, with each quarter being twelve minutes. The top ten players in the league average 36-38 minutes per game. The average height of an NBA player is 6’7 and the average weight is 227.8 Pounds (Powell-Morse, 2015). According to an article on the average Body Mass Index of an NBA player is around 25, while the NFL average is around 31. (Abbott, 2011). The NBA schedule consists of 82 games per year and possibly more if a team makes the playoffs. When watching an NBA game people will be amazed on the player’s ability to maintain their skills throughout the game without tiring.

Case # 3

The game of volleyball has become one of America’s favorite Olympic games to watch whether it is outdoor or beach volleyball. The sport of volleyball was invented by ” William G. Morgan(1870-1942) in Holyoke, Massachusetts” (Strength and Power for Volleyball Website, 2016). The game was not played in the Olympics until 1964 in Tokyo. The game can be played professionally indoor and outdoor on sand which is know as Beach volleyball. Both court and beach volleyball is a sport of power and endurance. A game full of excitement and explosiveness when a point is being made because of a spike or block. and Both are scored by the other teams mistakes and both are team sports. Even though both variations of the sport are so much alike, they both have obvious differences.