How do financial markets shape the world?, sociology homework help

Please accomplish writing this paper about a topic below with 2,000 words. Using some of the empirical materials you collected in producing your documentary.

———- How do financial markets shape the world? —————-

Answers should demonstrate understanding of the meaning and use of sociological concepts. They should also demonstrate the ability to frame a case study in term of these concepts.

The answers should be no more than 2000 words long (not including bibliography and/or works cited) and can (but not should) have the following structure:

1. Brief introduction
2. Introduction to the case and its relevance
3. Introduction to the theories and concepts that matter for explaining the case (similar to your hypothesis about the case)
4. Introduction to your empirical materials (like a ‘methods’ section)
5. Discussion of how the concepts explain the case and reveal new things
6. Conclusions

You are encouraged to use concepts and theories from other disciplines and/or classes but these have to be related somehow to the concepts explored in the course that you decide to use.