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  1. How does the attempt to control and codify plants and animals lead to eugenics? How are both of these views optimistic? Pessimistic?

As human control plants and animals by removing those plants that can’t give fruit or drying in the field and taking more care of those having green leaves and give fruits. on the other hand animals that look healthy are more welcome to a special treatment than those not looking healthy, that’s how human kind tried to control other human. after the German’s defeat of world war I and they economic crisis, the idea of eugenics started to be spread to the population. the public health and government funded research by keeping the unfit alive to reproduce and multiply when limiting the fits to their birth control.

the eugenics was later on against that idea and was supported by physician and public health saying that the nation needed to produce more fit children in order not vanish the all fit race. Darwin principal on plants and animals was applied to support sterilization of human. they were checking on people’s race, their family genealogy, physical measurement and intelligence test in order to classify who are worthy to reproduce(fits) and who are not(sterilized unfits). not supporting the mixt marriage as well in order to keep the genetic. that practice leads to sterilization of a huge number of human race, that will be the pessimistic side of it. how ever the fact that they noticed by allowing only the unfits to multiply, the fits would disappear and that wasn’t a good practice either.

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