Cyberwar: A New ‘Absolute Weapon’? , political science assignment help


  • Books: Singer, sections beginning on p. 156, 160, 162
  • Articles: Liff, Cyberwar: A New ‘Absolute Weapon’? The Proliferation of Cyberwarfare Capabilities and Interstate War; Atlantic Council, Risk Nexus Beyond data breaches: global interconnections of cyber risk (executive summary); Rid, More Attacks, Less Violence; Domenici, A Lot Rides on the Decision to Relinquish the U.S. Role Over the Internet; and Chapelle, Jurisdiction on the Internet: From Legal Arms Race to Transnational Cooperation (executive summary); and Schwartz, Scenarios for the Future of Cyber Security (CNAS Cyber Volume 2, p.217-228);
  • Videos: IISS, Evolution of the Cyber Domain: The Implications for National and Global Security, found here:
  • Learning Activity: In the discussion board, respond to the following:
    • Will CNA-style cyber weapons to proliferate widely moving forward or do you expect a few key nations to remain the dominant cyber powers?
    • How will increased international involvement (the “multi-stakeholder governance model) in Internet governance (ICANN) impact the balance of cyber power?